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This page is where to find popular magazine articles, links to websites mentioned in the magazine, terms and conditions for competitions, and lots more. 

March 2013 Potting mixes roadtest

For the full report on potting mixes by soil scientist Kevin Handreck, click here

February 2013 Crossword solution

Sorry everyone, if you're looking for the February crossword solution, click here

February 2013 Giveaways Terms & Conditions

For the terms and conditions in our January 2013 Giveaways Competition, click here

January 2013 Giveaways Terms & Conditions

For the terms and conditions in our January 2013 Giveaways Competition, click here

Beating ticks this summer

For our fact sheet on ticks, part of Dr Chris Brown's December 2012 feature, click here

December 2012 Giveaways Terms & Conditions

For the terms and conditions in our December 2012 Giveaways Competition, click here

November 2012 Wombats feature

For the full text of Linda Dennis's presentation on wombats, including links to wombat research organisations around Australia, click here

November 2102 issue poisonous plants for pets fact sheet

For our fact sheet listing plants known to be poisonous to pets, click here

November 2012 Giveaways Terms & Conditions

For the terms and conditions in our November 2012 Giveaways Competition, click here

The key to the dog's mind

For Don Burke's full article on understanding your dog's mind, mentioned
by Dr Chris Brown in his October 2012 story on tiny dog breeds, click here

May 2012 Money-savers links, recipes and contacts

For our full list of money-savers links to freebies, cheapies and recycled resources, click here

For our money-saver home-made garden sprays and other recipes, click here 

Red meat in your diet

For further reading on the scientific research behind Dr Rosemary Stanton's March 2012 magazine feature 'Meaty Bites, on the health effects of meat in your diet, see our fact sheet here.

September 2011 Edible Flowers bonus recipes

For the September 2011 BBY Magazine 'Edible Flowers' bonus recipes, click here

Don's bird-friendly garden design

To see Don's bird-friendly garden garden design, click here   


How to submit photos to Burke's Backyard magazine

Email: you can email photos to

Digital photo tips: photos suitable for publishing in a magazine should not be compressed. The ideal format is 300dpi (high-resolution) or a jpeg saved to "best quality".

Snail mail: if you have colour prints to send in, or you would prefer to put your digital images onto a CD or DVD and mail them to us, address your mail to:

Burke's Backyard magazine
Locked Bag 1000
Artarmon, NSW 1570

Popular articles

Best Backyard Citrus: for Don Burke's pick of the best backyard citrus, click here

Natives in sandstone rubble: for Don's tips on the best way to grow natives, click here

Using grey water in the garden: for our fact sheet on using grey water, click here

Poisonous plants for pets: for a list of plants poisonous to pets, click here

Dwarf fruit trees: to find out all about how to set up a mini orchard, click here

Don's mini orchard makeover: for the fact sheet on Don's makeover, click here

Treated pine for vegetable gardens: for the fact sheet on treated pine, click here   

Making compost: for tips on how to make compost, click here   

Using compost: for tips on how to use compost in your garden, click here

Worm farm problem solver: for tips on getting worm farms running well, click here   


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